MAKITA BL4080F 40V max XGT 8.0Ah Battery

The Makita 40Vmax XGT Lithium-Ion Battery charges faster and works longer, giving you and your cordless tools unmatched performance and productivity to take on the most demanding applications. The XGT 8.0Ah Battery reaches a full charge in 76 minutes or less, so it spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger

  • 288Wh Reaches full charge in 76 minutes
  • Digital communication between the tool & battery for optimised performance
  • Heavy duty cell casing significantly improves the batteries impact resistance
  • Battery ventilation system maximises battery life
  • Short circuit prevention structure protects terminals from dust and moisture
  • 3-layer moisture protection shields cells from water ingress


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Battery Platform 40Vmax XGT
Battery Voltage 40V
Battery Capacity 8.0Ah
Compatible Charger DC40RA
– Charge time 76min
Compatible Charger DC40RB
– Charge time 76min
Compatible Charger DC40RC
– Charge time 170min
Overall dimensions 152 x 85 x 94mm
Net weight (skin) 1.9kg
Continuous rating input 288Wh
Part number 191X65-8

Optional accessories

XGT Battery Cover (412393-7)
18V Battery adaptor for 40Vmax XGT chargers (ADP10)
40V XGT Battery Charger Adaptor (ADP001G)
40Vmax XGT Rapid Charger (DC40RA)
40Vmax XGT Dual port Rapid Charger (DC40RB)
ConnectX Portable Backpack battery (PDC1200A01)
XGT 40Vmax adaptor for PDC1200 (191N62-4)


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