Dust Extraction


    Self cleaning filter bag for use with CTL MIDI 2 dust extractor (not suitable to previous models of CT MIDI), allows for optimum usage of filter bag volume and constant suction power. Caking of dust reduces effective suction power dramatically resulting in poor extraction efficiency and performance.

    The self cleaning Festool filter bag prevents caking with its unique pliable fleece material. This means that your Festool dust extractor continues to deliver full suction until the bag is completely full.

    The filter bag traps dust particles down to 5 microns, reducing wear and tear as well as the expense of frequent filter replacement. The tear resistant material and integrated closure on the bag shuts the opening to prevent spilling.

  • Holer Dust shroud | Grinder 175mm | Steel | Basic

    Protect your lungs and the people around you! This custom designed shroud is suitable to attach to most dry vacuum units for dust extraction when grinding concrete, sanding wood and plaster board or any other dust. The simple collar and screw adjustment means it can be fitted to most angle grinders or sanders. The featured Velcro backed skirt can be adjusted to accommodate various backing pad or diamond cup grinder heights. Designed and Made in New Zealand. CE approved, complies 2006/42/EC.


  • MAKITA 125mm (5″) Dust collecting wheel guard

    • Replacement angle grinder guard allowing connection to suitable dust extraction unit for reduced airborne dust particles
    • Compatible with most Makita 115mm (4½”) and 125mm (5″) cordless and mains angle grinders
    • Not Compatible with XGT 125mm (5″) Grinders and GA5050
  • MAKITA 125mm (5″) Dust collecting wheel guard

    The Makita 125mm Dust Extracting Tuck Point Guard is designed to work with Makita 5″ 125mm Angle Grinders for tuck pointing applications. The cover features adjustable depth stops for more efficient work. The viewing window and guide make it easier for the user to make precision cuts

  • MAKITA 125mm (5″) XGT Plunge Diamond wheel guard

    The 125mm Tool-Less Dust Extraction Cutting/Tuck Point Guard is designed to work with Makita® 115mm / 125mm Angle Grinders with quick guard rotation. This guard is for use in tuck pointing applications, allowing maximum material removal and up to 25.4mm cutting depth when used with a 125mm blade. The cover features adjustable depth stops for more efficient work. The clear viewing window and guide make it easier for the user to make precision cuts. It features a tool-less design for easy installation and adjustments ( not suitable for use with X-LOCK)


    The Makita® Fleece Filter Bag is designed for use with the Makita® Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum (VC4210, sold separately) to capture dust and debris. The bag features a fleece design for added durability. Like a first-stage pre-filter, the fleece filter bag captures larger particles and extends the life of the main flat filter. It installs quickly and easily for added user convenience.

  • MAKITA DX06 – Dust Extractor Attachment with HEPA Filter

    • Impact filter cleaning mechanism – Turn the dial to impact the filter case releasing the dust from the filter
    • HEPA filtration system – Captures 99.97% of concrete dust particulates 0.3 microns and larger
    • 2 Stage Dust Extraction Nozzle – Stage 1 drill bits 110 mm to 165 mm / Stage 2 drill bits 210 mm to 265 mm
    • Adjustable depth stop – with 5 mm increments
    • DX Extractors – Powered by a separate motor allowing the rotary hammer to maintain peak drilling performance

    Dust filter cleaning dial:

    • Removes excess dust from filter
    • Maintains vacuum efficiency and performance