G-MAN 380mm Hand Saw Premium – Toolbox Saw


  • Perfect for for dry wood, and medium cutting.
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle.
  • Hardpoint finish.
  • Fleam-toothing
  • Diamond ground hardpoint teeth for longer life and a fast cut.
  • Proudly manufactured in Sweden.


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Introducing the G-MAN Premium Toolbox Hand Saw, the ultimate companion for cutting dry wood and handling medium tasks. Equipped with R13 fleam toothing, its cross-sharpened teeth create sharp points, enabling smooth cuts across the grain. Thanks to their symmetrical design, these teeth excel in both push and pull strokes during sawing. With an ergonomic soft grip handle, this saw ensures comfort and precision. It boasts diamond ground teeth, hardpoint teeth for extended durability, and remarkable speed. Proudly manufactured in Sweden.


  • Overall Length: 460mm
  • Overall Width: 145mm
  • Cutting Edge: 380mm (15″)
  • Tooth Per Inch: 13
  • Toothshape: R13
  • Blade Thickness: 1mm (1/32″)
  • Weight: 345g


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