HIKOKI KC36187DB(GRZ) 36V/18V Brushless 7-Tool Kit

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  • 36V 138Nm High Powered Impact Drill
  • 138Nm hard torque output
  • Ractive Force Control safety function
  • Robust aluminium gear-case
  • 36V high powered brushless motor
  • 36V 210Nm High Powered Impact Driver
  • Robust Triple Hammer design for higher torque and handling
  • IP56 Water and Dust resistant
  • 4 mode selector to tackle a variety of applications
  • 36V high powered brushless motor
  • 36V High Powered 125mm Angle Grinder
  • Aprox 1.6X faster cutting than model G18DBBAL
  • Variable speed control allows users to charge the rotation speed
  • AUTO mode adusts speed automatically
  • 36V High Performance brushless motor
  • Soft start function
  • 36V 185mm High Torque Circular Saw
  • Max cut 62mm at 90°
  • Max cut 47.5mm at 45°
  • Silent Mode allows for quieter operation
  • best in class cutting thrust force of 11kgf
  • 36V High Powered Brushless Sabre Saw
  • Heavy Duty twin rotation couter weight drive system
  • 4-stage selector – Low, Medium, High and AUTO mode
  • Swing mode or orbital cutting action
  • 18V Gasless 90mm Framing Nailer
  • Unique Air Drive system, nails driven deep by compressed air
  • Zero ramp-up time from standby
  • Low running costs, no gas cartridge required
  • 18V Brushless Vac
  • 40W Strong Suction Power
  • Suplied with 2x 1080W Multi Volt batteries (BSL36A18), 32min. Rapid Smart Charger and Wheeled Tool Bag